Quilting for pleasure

Quilting for pleasure
Find Joy in the Journey

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Friendship Garden

This has been a very busy year so far.  Alot going on in our lives but we have been moving forward and appreciating every tender mercy.

When I saw this quilt on the Missouri Star Quilt Company tutorial last month, I knew I had to make it.  I had a stack of leftover 5" squares from a couple of other projects, some fabulous pieces from an estate sale, and some stash fabric that fit right in.  I love the simple pattern and even have enough ready to make one more quilt.

Backed the quilt with comfort flannel.  I really like my quilts with soft, cuddly, flannel.  Just great to snuggle up in while relaxing on the couch reading or watching a movie.

4 blocks across & down makes a nice sized quilt
approximately 80" x 80"

Love scrappy blocks

Name of quilt is Friendship Garden

Saturday, February 6, 2016

"A Mother's Heart"

The hazard of cutting a box full of 2 ½” squares......... what do I do with them? Well, I thought I think I can begin to work on designing a pattern. So let's start with a simple 4 patch. Didn't get too technical with the colors. Just decided to go with a light/dark pattern. But then I thought........I should design a simple pattern perhaps with a heart shape thrown it.

That got me to thinking about the first big scrappy quilt that I made. Well actually, my Mom did most of the sewing. We used all of my scraps from my garment projects. I loved that quilt. I actually wore it out. But the best thing......the memory of sharing the experience with my Mom. She has always encouraged me in my sewing endeavors. She tried to teach me to sew but I was a poor student but eventually I found my stride. I love fabric. I love using scraps. I love the whole process of using different fabrics, colors, and coming up with a quilt that I would love to snuggle up in. This is one of those quilts.

When I decided to design the heart shape I knew the name of the pattern would be “A Mother's Heart”. It just reminded me of my Mom. Even with all of the differences in us, the dark (sad), the light (joy), the tight weaves (intense); the looser weaves (carefree); somehow when it all comes together....it works! The best thing......the heart is big enough to gather all (everyone) in.

So, this quilt pattern is for my Mom. For caring, loving, encouraging, wiping the tears, believing in me, and always loving me.....thanks Mom.

1,440   2 1/2" squares

A Mother's Heart

Backing is pieced with striped fabric from Summertime
Stripe by Daisy Kingdom for Springs Industries
The green is from the Mirage line from www.connectingthreads.com

The fun part of scrappy quilts is using all those fun fabrics
that you fell in love with!

Machine quilted with pale green thread in a meandering loop pattern.  Kept it simple because there is so much going on in the fabrics.

Sewn on my little Singer Featherweight (Dottie).  Love using my vintage machines.

PS - I still have a half box full of 2 1/2" squares.  Only cleared out 2 drawers of the 2 1/2" strips that were subcut into 2 1/2" squares.

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Meet Lizzie!

As many of you know, I have 4 fabulous grandsons.  With that said, you also know that the toy room contains cars, trucks, planes, balls, golf clubs, etc.  My little granddaughter has been fine with all of these toys until last week.  While we were watching Despicable Me (for the 4th time) that beautiful little girl looked at me and said "Grandma B, do you have a baby doll?"  Well, we have Raggedy Andy & Nancy (a cloth doll) but no "baby doll".  Let me tell you, after waiting for such a long time for a little girl to grace our home, how could I not have a "baby doll" in the house????  I have looked at dolls at the local stores over the last couple of years but could never find a doll that I thought was cute.
Next morning - headed to our local thrift store on the off chance I could find something.  Lots of little dolls there.  Small ones, well loved ones, none with clothing, most with molded hair on their heads.  I moved several little ones out of the way......and found this little jewel.  Her eyes open & close.  She had no clothes and needed a little cleaning.  She was 75 cents!
Home she came.  Gave her a "spa day" - mineral rub (Comet cleaner), a bubble bath (Spic & Span cleaner), and shampooed & styled her hair.  Finished her little outfit this afternoon.  I think she is one special little "baby doll".  I have named her Lizzie.

Lizzie - After photo

Lizzie - Before photo

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Christmas Curtains

Shopping at JoAnn's Fabric store brought great finds.  One of my favorites was this great Christmas fabric. There was just enough left on the bolt to make new curtains, tale cloth, and a small table runner. I love Christmas!

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Nature's Crossing

Lots of things going on this month.  Some planned, some not planned.  Anyway, I managed to get this wildlife quilt done today.  I used the last 4 panels from the "Nature's Crossing" fabric line by Fabri-Quilt.  The quilt finished out at about 79" X 79".  Backed with cozy cuddle flannel.  I just wanted to snuggle up in this quilt tonight.  I had to give the quilt it's name from the panel fabric.  Somehow it just seemed fitting.
Machine quilted with an all-over pattern that I like to call "Curls gone wild".

Hope all have a wonderful Thanksgiving this month.  So many blessings come to mind.  Enjoy each moment.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015


Well, another one down.  I used some wildlife panels that I had and made the split nine patch blocks with fabric from the Indigo line from Moda, Crackle by Whistler Studios for Windham Fabrics, Aster by Williamsburg for Windham Fabris, the border around the wildlife panels is from the Provence by Jennifer Sampson for Robert Kaufman Co., Inc, and the outer border is from Running Wild by Katherine Gardner for Riverwoods Collection.  Backed with cuddle soft flannel that was also used in the inner border.  I named this quilt Riverwood after the one fabric line.  It is machine quilted in a meandering swirly'q design using Essential 50 wt thread from Connecting Threads in Dark Honey.  I love this quilt.  It is made for a twin size bed (64" x 90").


Mixing fabric lines is always fun for me.

Curly'Q free motion quilting

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Busy Day!

Well, it is the end of our apple crop from out dwarf honey crisp tree.  The last 5 quarts of pie filling done.  Three apple pies, and one blueberry.

Found a lovely little machine at the thrift store for $30 - has not been used very much.  Similar to my Singer Featherweight II machine.  It is a Janome Model 1017 made in Taiwan.  I prefer the Taiwan machines over any other Asian made machine.  They seem to be made well and I have had good luck with them.

This little machine has built in stitches - no width or length control as each stitch is pre-set.  It will be a fun machine to take travelling or a good first machine for a young person who wants to learn to sew.  The great thing about the machine is that I have the case that I had purchased for my Featherweight II and it fits perfectly.  I had upgraded to a bigger bag for the Featherweight II when I bought the quilters package for that machine.

I am finishing up another wildlife quilt.  Just have to sew the sashing and border on then it will be read to quilt.

Happy sewing to all!

Monday, September 7, 2015

Blue Hollow

Well, since it is Labor Day - that's what I did!  Eight quarts of apples, 12 quarts of apple pie filling, and finished a quilt order.

I used the "Indigo" line from Moda Fabrics for the split nine patch.  The wildlife panels were ordered from back east.  It is a size 64" x 90" which is made to fit a twin size bunk bed.  I love the blue and tan fabric together.  I named the quilt "Blue Hollow".

Love the blue & tan together.

Borders & sashing were from a different fabric line.

Machine quilted with "curlz".

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Making Your Own Fitted Sheets

I have been frustrated with purchased fitted sheets!  They are always a little too small for our king size mattress (even the deep pocket style).  Well, I invested $15 in an inexpensive king size flat sheet.  Undid the seam on the top of the sheet, pressed open.  Measured the mattress (12" deep), cut each corner of the flat sheet (12" square).  Bring the cutout pieces together at each corner & sew down to the hemline.  Double stitch the seam for heavy use.  Cut about 18 inches of elastic (1/4" wide because that is what I had handy).  Undid the side hems about 13" on each side (except for the top as I had already undid the seam).  Mark the center of the elastic, place at the corner hem seam (inside the seam allowance).  Stretch elastic on each side of center of corner seam - Tack the elastic at each end, pin the center to the corner seam. Sew the hem seam where you opened the seam.  Voila!  You have a fitted king size sheet that fits perfectly.

Now I can invest in some higher thread count sheets and have great fitting fitted sheets.

I used the same format as I use for making crib size quilts.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Next quilt in the works

Started on the next quilt order.  Love the fabric I am using for the split 9 patch blocks.  It is "Indigo" by Moda.  This will be a twin sized quilt for a bunk bed.  Won't show the pre-printed blocks yet.  Stay tuned.

I am using my 1921 Singer class 66 machine.  She is the oldest one in my collection but works beautifully.

Photo of part of the group that served breakfast in Glenwood yesterday morning.  Thank you all for a wonderful morning.  Luke Robbins did a great job leading us in the Pledge of Allegiance.