Quilting for pleasure

Quilting for pleasure
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Monday, June 29, 2015

Singer 457

This is my newest find.  A Singer Model 457 Stylist - built in 1970.  Co-worker found it online & sent me a message.  This sweet little gal was only $45.  She is in good shape and works like a charm.  These machines were one of the final made-to-last Singer machine productions.  Another great find to add to my little collection.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

For Elena

My niece asked me to make a name plaque for her littlest girl.  I had made one for her oldest daughter.  This time around I found these cute little wooden heart shapes that I could not resist.  Every other heart swings the opposite way.  A little paint, a little sparkle, and there you have it.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Faux Chennille Baby Quilt

Just finished a baby quilt.  I use 4 crib pre-printed panels (all face up) with flannel backing.  Sew rows about 1/2" apart.  Cut the top 3 panels with a slasher rotary cutter or electric scissors.  I added flannel borders with batting & there you have it - a faux chennille baby quilt.  Made for an associate who is going to have a baby girl in another couple of months.  This can be a very fun project.  Try to buy the panels on sale if you can.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Elk Ridge

Second quilt using the American Wildlife panel print.  Quilt turned out to be 79" x 87".  Combination of cotton & cuddle flannel.  Name of the quilt is "Elk Ridge".
Baby quilt to finish this month; wedding quilt to start & finish by the end of July.  I don't think I will have time to make a quilt for the Sevier County Fair this year.  I will try to make the quilt block for the contest.

Of course it turned cloudy outside today so very poor lighting for pictures.  Here they are anyway.

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Vintage White Model 162 Sewing Machine

Last week while looking through items at our local Desert Industries (thrift store) I came across a vintage White sewing machine.  It did not have a zig zag foot so I didn't try it out.  Well, today I went back & the machine was still there.  I had a sewing bag with me with fabric, thread, and yes, a zig zag foot.  Hauled that sucker over to the "give it a try" counter.  Put the foot on, plugged her in, adjusted tension & she purred liked a kitten.  The carrying case is in fair shape but the machine is a sweetheart.  No cams came with it but she does a straight stitch, zig zag, & blind stitch.  Now, I found the manager & asked him if the machine could be marked down.  He went to his office.   I continued to sew on her.  Back he came & hit me with $15.  I lugged that 30 lb. puppy up to the counter & she was all mine.  At home she & the case had a good scrubbing, then oiled & adjusted the machine.  Can I just say I love vintage!
No actual sewing happened today as the weather was so nice I worked outside.  BBQ with the kids, played with Hannah, had a great day.
Maybe sewing tomorrow after church.

Model 162

Saturday, May 23, 2015

High Meadow

Finished the first of a few wildlife quilts.  I call it "High Meadow".  Cut the wildlife units from a panel.  Used charm packs for the nine patch units.  Added sashing to all units.  Measures 80" X 82".  Hubby loves this one too.  Backed with soft cuddle flannel.  Free motion meandering machine quilting which crosses over each other every once in a while.  Reminded me of the tracks you see in nature.

Love the fabrics in this quilt

The wildlife blocks were beautiful.

Soft cuddle flannel on the back.

Wind was blowing so this is the best photo of the label.

Friday, April 24, 2015

A Day Out

Hubby & I went for a drive to Hatch in southern Utah.  A small town on old Highway 89.  The weather was cloudy but it was a very nice day.  We did hit some rain here & there but not too much.  Just south of Thompsonville I had to pull over to take a couple of photos.  The clouds were hanging on the mountains.  So beautiful.  Hope everyone is having a great day too.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

New Quilt Order Begins

After pondering about the next 4 quilts on the list I finally decided to begin with an order for a little boy's bed quilt.  It will be a simple design as the printed wildlife blocks need to stand out.  I am using my 1946 Singer class 66 machine.  She sews like a dream.  Have to get one of the vintage machines up and running every once in a while.

Love this little 1946 beauty!
Sneak peak at some of the fabric for the next quilt.

Amazing how much I can fit into my small sewing room.


One of my daughters in law found an idea on Pintrest.  You add about 1/2 tsp to the coloring & dip the eggs.  We found that if you dip the eggs in just plain dye & then into dye with the oil you got amazing results.
I have talented artists for grandkiddos!

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Rhythm & Rhyme & HARMONY

Worked all last evening & tonight to finished this quilt.  I really like the way it came together.  The patter is from the March/April 2015 Fons & Porters Love of Quilting.  The quilt was designed by Linda Pumphrey.  I did make one change by doubling the size of the outer borders.  The quilt is a special order for a young woman's graduation.  Hope she likes it.  The weather was pretty grey this evening so I had to take the photos in the house.  Lighting was not so good.  The colors ares actually brighter than they appear.

Size turned out to be 77" x 91"

Love the way the blocks created the pattern.

The name came to me last night.  I had something else in mind, but Harmony is what this quilt is.

Saturday, March 7, 2015

A Minute Here, A Minute There

Taking a couple of days of from my job.  Must do that more often.  Cleaned house yesterday morning.  Time with Hannah.  Lunch with Matthew, Alisha, & Hannah at Wendy's yesterday.  Downloaded some embroidery designs to share with a friend.  It was a good day.

This morning got up early.  Decided today was the day to make a little pincushion out of the lovely cup that I bought at the thrift store a while ago.  Sometimes, a girl just needs something "girly"!  Love the way it looks.  It makes me smile.

Also, the day will also have me trimming more of the half square pieces for the new quilt.  Stack on the left are don.  Just have the stack on the right left to do.  Onward and Upward!